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Kennedy must resign!

Posted by Richard on May 3, 2005

Thanks to Scott Johnson at PowerLine for pointing out a nice little article by Clifford May at The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, "Teddy Kennedy Yelled at Me! So Shouldn’t He Resign?" Here’s the opening:

For 20 years I have kept my silence. I will do so no longer. In the debate over John Bolton’s nomination to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, it finally has been made clear to me that a human being who yells at another human being does not deserve to hold high office.  It’s what Sen. George Voinovich calls “the Kitchen Test.”

And so, it’s time I finally told the painful truth: Ted Kennedy yelled at me. He hurt my feelings. Therefore, those who believe John Bolton does not deserve to be confirmed must surely also agree that Senator Kennedy must step down. Here is the never-before-told story: 

Go read the rest; you’ll enjoy it. Cliff May was an editor at the Rocky Mountain News for a number of years (I’m thinking late 80s to late 90s). He was quite friendly and sympathetic toward the Libertarian Party, attending events and speaking at meetings, and he struck me as intelligent, warm, and funny. I’ll try to keep an eye on his foundation.

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