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Our friends in Ryadh are recruiting and funding our enemies in Baghdad

Posted by Richard on April 29, 2005

The other day, I noted that I was appalled by Pres. Bush being lovey-dovey with Crown Prince Abdullah and other members of the Saudi royal family / government (same thing):

In between the schmoozing, the sucking up, and the US promises to make it easier for Saudis to come here (!), did anyone on our team think to express some freakin’ OUTRAGE that these clowns are still sending Wahabbi Islamofascist literature to American mosques and teaching hatred of Christians and Jews in their madrassas?

Think I exaggerated Saudi complicity with Islamofascism? I understated it. Check out this astonishing Dan Darling post at Winds of Change and the Lisa Myers story at MSNBC on which he’s commenting. While our president is treating Saudi leaders like our greatest friends in the world, men at the highest levels of their government are encouraging their citizens to fight Americans in Iraq and to donate money to terrorist organizations carrying on that fight:

WASHINGTON – Sheik Saleh Al Luhaidan, seen in video seated to the right of the crown prince, is chief justice of Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Judicial Council. His sermons and words carry great significance.

In an audiotape secretly recorded at a government mosque last October and obtained by NBC News, Luhaidan encourages young Saudis to go to Iraq to wage war against Americans.

The sheik also says those donating money to the fight in Iraq should be sure it actually helps the cause.

Be sure to read the earlier Myers story, too. Here’s a sample:

Sheik Mosa al-Garni — who receives a government salary — told NBC News that jihad is justified because Americans are aggressors against a Muslim country.

"The terrorist in Iraq is the American Army," he says.

He urges young Saudis to go to Iraq to fight.
However, a senior Saudi official insists that these clerics represent "a vocal fringe minority," whose views do not represent the Saudi government or religious establishment.

Yeah, the 97% of Saudi imams who support Islamofascism are giving the rest a bad name.

He says the government cannot control these clerics because most are not on the payroll, and they are exercising their rights to free speech.

Oh, yeah, the Saudi government is so protective of the cherished Saudi right of free speech. IIRC, every male Saudi is guaranteed the right to speak freely about his hatred of  infidels — especially Jews — and desire to kill the same.

Someone call Karl Rove and explain to him that stories like the above combined with this photo op just put an even bigger smirk on Michael Moore’s face.

Mostly, I like GWB, but this just really ticks me off. Don’t he and his staff get it???

I guess they’re not called the stupid party for nothing.

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4 Responses to “Our friends in Ryadh are recruiting and funding our enemies in Baghdad”

  1. Anonymous said

    George can’t get vicious with the Saudi’s because they hold a $10 trillion mortgage on the state of Texas. They supplied all the sand and stupidity and the unnatural romantic urges for livestock that permeate the cracker culture. If George raises his face from off the marble in front of the Prince, he’ll be whisked off to a desert hide-away to play eunuch to the twins as they serve in the Saudi harem. The Saudi’s also hold the pink slip on the Doublemint Twain.

    Looks to me like the GOP’s hubris is finally exposing their feet of clay. Tom DeLayed bellyaches about Terri after her pulled the plug on his own dad. He rants about John Edwards being a Lawyer and passed anti-liability legislation after he sued a manufacturer. He huffs-and-puffs about special interests as he cruises the world on lobbiests dimes. Only a six-fingered pack of inbred joyless Baptists could worship a cockaroach like this guy.

    I think today I’ll just focus on the shortcomings of George and Tom today. They’re cratering together and it will spread a cloud of vaporized dung through the atmosphere that will block out the light for years to come. That’s because they’re both so full of manure. The world will end in a cataclysm of Hunta Virus. Bodies will be found with a Scarlet GOP blazing across their foreheads. The brain will be missing, because why does a Republican need a brain when all they can say is “Thank you sir. May I have another!”

    More ‘Stream of Conciousness’ Vituperation

    Mortimer Snurd []

  2. Anonymous said

    Mort, Mort, Mort — you’ve got to stop eating those funny mushrooms off the cow patties. 😉

  3. Erasmus said

    The Bush family’s close relationship with the Saudis is actually a blessing. If the Saudis didn’t have such close relations with America, they would spend their oil wealth elsewhere. The Saudis have a strong financial interest in the continuing strength of America. After all, they own Citigroup.

  4. Philip Dryer said

    I agree with the author because Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian dictatorship where they beat women and behead people every week in public. They are barbaric and need to be overthrown rather than Iran.

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