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Liberals lose budget battle

Posted by Richard on December 20, 2007

First the bad news: the Democratic leadership in Congress is more socialist, more dedicated to expanding government, more spendthrift, and more crazy than ever. Now the good news: they're also less bright and less competent.

On issue after issue, they've apparently been outmaneuvered by a relatively small number of principled, limited-government Republicans (with limited support from their leadership) and forced to back down on several issues by a lame-duck president who suddenly (six years late) found the cojones to exercise his veto and make at least some effort to exercise fiscal discipline.

Martin Kady II and Ryan Grim have a pretty good analysis at Politico of what's been going on and who caved on what. One of the really hopeful signs (from my perspective) for the future is that Democrats are starting to fight amongst themselves, as the more hard-core leftists and various special interests become increasingly frustrated at their party's lack of "progress."

Between Democrats' growing disunity and the slightly greater amount of backbone (and diminished proclivity for corruption) exhibited by Republicans when they're in the minority, we may be in for a truly wonderful level of gridlock, where not much legislating — and harm to the country — gets done.

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