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Michael Yon is back in Baghdad

Posted by Richard on October 16, 2005

Michael Yon has returned to Iraq and is now embedded with U.S. troops in Baghdad. His first dispatch tells the story of his journey back and discusses why there are few reporters on the ground in Iraq. After reading it, you’ll probably be somewhat more sympathetic toward the MSM journalists covering the war. Somewhat.

I’ve blogged about Yon’s dispatches before, saying of his previous embed:

Michael Yon is in Iraq at his own expense as an independent war correspondent. Yon is embedded with the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment — "Deuce Four" — and writes about its missions in Mosul. You can read his dispatches at his blog. In fact, I can’t urge you strongly enough to do so. This is war journalism as it ought to be done. And as no one else is doing it.

This latest dispatch is long, but as before, compelling and fascinating. You really should read it. In fact, if you haven’t read Yon’s earlier stuff, read his Open Forum post, Thank You for Your Support, in which he explains — and illustrates with remarkable photographs — why he’s reporting on this war. It’s a marvelous and moving piece of work. Then, just bookmark Michael Yon: Online Magazine, drop by when you can, and read the previous dispatches.

Also, please click his "Support the Next Dispatch" button and kick in a few bucks to help him pay the bills. As he details in the latest dispatch, covering the war in Iraq is an expensive proposition.

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