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Obama wins, future looks bleak

Posted by Richard on November 6, 2012

My optimism of the past few months was sadly mistaken. I had this gut feeling that, when push came to shove, the majority of Americans would choose freedom, opportunity, and growth over entitlement, redistribution, and stagnation. I was wrong. Voters have chosen to emulate the sinking ship that is Europe (to borrow a metaphor from Dennis Prager).

If the President sticks by his campaign promise to continue doing what he’s been doing, the best-case scenario is that the United States will become France. The worst-case scenario is that we’ll become Greece.

I predict bull markets in guns, gold, and silver.

Assuming that the economy manages to limp along OK for another four years, I’ll be ready to retire around the end of the second Obama term. I don’t look forward to becoming a frail old man living in a major metropolitan area when the monetary system collapses and the social order breaks down. I may have to consider Plan B (“B” for Belize) or Plan C (“C” for Costa Rica). Assuming they don’t confiscate my wealth if I try to leave the country.

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One Response to “Obama wins, future looks bleak”

  1. jed said

    I think this election is a critical point. See, 4 years ago, it was a weak McCain, running, irrespective of his positions or intentions, as Bush III, and people voted for the charismatic black man and his promises. I didn’t consider that to be a major bellweather. Now, with a track record, Obama won against someone who was a better oponent, or should have been. This IS a bellweather.

    It is, of course, unsurprising, that the 47%, et. al., have chosen this course. This was foretold by Tocqueville, and others. All that’s left is to watch it sink, and hope to not get pulled under.

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