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Principled government

Posted by Richard on June 13, 2007

The cynics declare "principled government" an oxymoron, like "military intelligence" and "congressional ethics." It sure looks that way, doesn't it? But we don't abandon the quest for perfection just because it's rarely or never achieved. We resign ourselves to the fact that the code we write will contain bugs, the documents we edit will have typos, and some of the products we manufacture will be defective. We work to eliminate all the flaws, but accept the fact that there will always be some.

So, let's not give up on the idea of principled government — let's just acknowledge that our institutions, like ourselves, are imperfect, and the best we can hope for is to move toward a more principled government. And perhaps cheerily conclude that finding and fixing bugs is easy when they're plentiful!

So, now that you have the proper perspective, go visit the new Carnival of Principled Government! This is the seventh, and Dana may have been a day late, but she has nothing to apologize for — she's put together another fine carnival. 


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