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Pro-Israel rally a success

Posted by Richard on January 12, 2009

I added an after-rally update to my earlier post about Sunday's rally against terrorism and in support of Israel, but I've decided it really deserves a new post. Who looks for updates on posts they read days ago, right?

Americans Against Terrorism (AAT) deserves big kudos for putting together, in just one week, a great rally! According to the state police estimate, about 3000 attended the pro-Israel rally, while 1000 pro-Palestinians counter-demonstrated across the street (I had estimated 3000 for our side, too, but I guessed the pro-Palestinian number at closer to the same).

One thing about the counter-demonstration really ticked me off. According to a Denver police sergeant with whom I spoke, the Palestinians got a permit from the state for their counter-demonstration and were authorized to use sound equipment — which drowned out our speakers if you were at the perimeter of our crowd. It's a free country, and I have no problem with them counter-demonstrating. But they were trying to drown our side out (and would have if they'd had more sound output) — they wanted to silence their opponents, just like radical Islamists always do — and the state apparently abetted them.

Since AAT got the Capitol permit first, there was simply no excuse for effectively giving the Palestinians permission to interfere with and disrupt our rally. No excuse, but I can think of two reasons: (1) anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian sentiments by the decision-maker, or (2) the usual moderate/liberal craven cowardice in the face of radical Muslim's angry demands. I suppose the odds favor reason 2.

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One Response to “Pro-Israel rally a success”

  1. Mike said

    I am appaled at you pro Israel rally. i am not anti jew or pro terror in fact I support the war on terror but the Israel’s are bombing schools and houses that have no hamas “soldiers” they are commiting war crimes every day they bomb gaza. they have killed children whos only crime is being born in gaza which is not a crime at all. you should be ashamed and rethink who you support.

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