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Rally against the stimulus sham

Posted by Richard on February 17, 2009

Americans for Prosperity in Colorado is holding a rally in Denver tomorrow to coincide with President Obama's signing of the pork-laden abomination called a stimulus bill. From the email alert:

Join Americans for Prosperity at noon tomorrow on the west steps of the Capitol Building for a RALLY against the Obama-Pelosi-Reid fiscally irresponsible "stimulus" bill.

President Obama will be at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature between noon and 3:00pm tomorrow to sign the $787 billion "stimulus" package which is laden with pork-barrel spending and payoffs to liberal special interest groups.  [Jim Pfaff] Local and national media will be present at the capitol with us, so come and make your voice heard. We will be making the case for limited government and real opportunity.  

We need to send a message to President Obama and the Congress to stop mortgaging our nation's future away.  They need to get the message that politically-motivated government spending hurts our economy and kills jobs and prosperity!

The rally starts at noon Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax Ave. Speakers include Michelle Malkin, Dick Wadhams, Jon Caldara, State Senator Josh Penry, and other state legislators. Be there if you can!

UPDATE: Jon Caldera, President of the Independence Institute, has added his call to attend (via email): 

We'll have over-sized checks you can sign to show your family's $30,000 commitment to the bill. I'll be joined by Michelle Malkin, Mike Coffman, Bob Beauprez, Jim Pfaff from AFP and many others.

I'm not usually one for public protests, because like so many on our side, I have a day job. But I just can't allow this huge push down the slippery slope to socialism be signed here in Denver without standing up and saying, "hell no."  I wish to go on record.

Let's let the world know there were at least some of us who didn't want to put our kids into debt for a bill that spends more than has been spent in the entire conflict in Iraq.

Please come to the $30,000 a plate pork roast!
More info at

I was pleased to see that both of the local newscasts I watched tonight — KDVR and KMGH — had good stories about the negatives of the stimulus bill (sorry, neither link is directly to the story because they aren't on the website yet).

KDVR in particular had a great story about the cost per household of the stimulus bill plus the financial system bailouts. Depending on your household income, it ranged from $4600 to over $90,000 per household. So Caldera's $30,000 price tag is in the ballpark.

If you're a bit disturbed by what it will cost you to get an $8 – $13 per month tax break, and you're in the Denver area, take a long lunch and attend the rally.

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4 Responses to “Rally against the stimulus sham”

  1. Imee said

    With all due respect, I don’t think the stimulus is a sham… But I am indeed curious, how did the rally go?

  2. rgcombs said

    You posted your question at 2:37 AM. The rally will be at noon. Your timing is a bit off. πŸ˜‰

  3. zombyboy said

    I really wish I could have been down there today. Darling girl is convinced that Obama was signing in Denver just to spite me.

    Now, my ego isn’t big enough for me to believe that, but it was particularly galling to have it happen just half an hour away from where I worked my butt off to pay not only my bills but my taxes. This generational theft–and that is, indeed, what it is–won’t hit me as hard as it will hit my friend’s children and grandchildren, but the sheer nerve of shoving it down our throats and then patting each other on the back while praising the history being made…

    Well, I’m pretty angry about the whole thing. I was more than willing to give Obama a chance, but one month in and I’m already massively disappointed by his “leadership”.

    The stimulus plan is a joke and a lie and it will be a millstone around the necks of the next few generations of Americans.

  4. rgcombs said

    Imee, check out my new post about the rally. Sounds like the food was good!

    Zombyboy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And I wish we’d both been down there. I like roast pork! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you both for stopping by!

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