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Rally in support of Israel

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2009

It's unbelievable to me that anyone other than radical Islamists would even question the Israelis' right to defend themselves against the relentless rocket attacks by Hamas. But we live in a Bizarro World where news reporters say with a straight face that the "cease-fire" was broken when Israel struck back against the rocket attacks. It's essential that those of us who side with the civilized against the barbarians, who draw a moral distinction between naked aggression and self-defense, stand up and speak out.

At 2 PM this Sunday, January 11th, American Against Terrorism is holding an anti-terror, pro-Israel rally at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver (Colfax & Lincoln). If you're anywhere near Denver, please join me there.

Many rallies are planned around the country over the next few days. Check this list for one near you that you can attend.

AAT's Neil Dobro:

“If you would fight an enemy who launched rockets loaded with shrapnel into your home and at your children, you should join us on Sunday. It is amazing to see people in the streets of Europe, and even the U.S., supporting a terror group that has vowed to destroy Israel simply because it is populated by Jews. We hope that our rally will serve as a wake up call to Americans: terror must be fought and destroyed. The Palestinian people have suffered hardships, and now a devastating war as a result of the hateful actions of Hamas. Some Gazans didn’t vote or back their rise to power; but now they too are paying for the choices made by Hamas leaders. Israelis live with the constant effort of these Iranian trained terror fighters who have taken vows to kill them. Hamas won’t stop, so they must be stopped. “

 UPDATE: I've posted info about the rally at,,, and If you can think of other places to post info about the Denver rally or any of the other nationwide rallies (or if you want to post your own messages to those sites to reinforce the message), please do so. Feel free to copy or adapt what I've posted here.

UPDATE 2 (1/11): Great rally! According to the state police estimate, about 3000 attended the pro-Israel rally, while 1000 pro-Palestinians rallied across the street (I had estimated 3000 for our side, too, but I guessed the pro-Palestinian number at closer to the same).

One thing about the counter-demonstration really ticked me off. According to a Denver police sergeant with whom I spoke the Palestinians got a permit from the state for their counter-demonstration and were authorized to use sound equipment — which drowned out our speakers if you were at the perimeter of our crowd. It's a free country, and I have no problem with them counter-demonstrating. But they were trying to drown our side out (and would have if they'd had more sound output) — silence their opponents, just like radical Islamists always do — and the state apparently abetted them.

Since AAT got the Capitol permit first, there was simply no excuse for effectively giving the Palestinians permission to interfere with and disrupt our rally. No excuse, but I can think of two reasons: (1) anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian sentiments by the decision-maker, or (2) the usual moderate/liberal craven cowardice in the face of radical Muslim's angry demands. I suppose the odds favor reason 2.

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