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Steal a sign, get a pizza

Posted by Richard on October 22, 2008

Some lefty restaurateur in Michigan is rewarding anti-McCain hooliganism:

Break the law, get a pepperoni and cheese

Bring in a McCain/Palin sign and Salvatore’s Pizzeria, in Warren, Michigan will exchange it for a free pizza.

It seems owner, Diana Franzoni, is miffed that the McCain campaign pulled its resources out of Michigan. She is quoted as saying, “Health care is killing us. McCain gave up on Michigan, so you should give up on him.”

FOX 2’s Brad Edwards explains how that offer may have prompted some hungry bargain hunters to break the law. He reports that Franzoni estimates that since she put the bounty on the signs, she is receiving about 30 pilfered signs a day for at least the last couple of weeks, which equals 100‘s of filched signs — and pizzas.

What's next — key a McCain car, get a calzone?

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