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Don’t donate to HSUS

Posted by Richard on December 29, 2016

If you’re considering some last-minute charitable donations this year, your local animal shelter or humane society might be a good candidate. But don’t be fooled and think that a donation to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will benefit shelter dogs and cats. It doesn’t.


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Generous with other people’s money

Posted by Richard on September 16, 2008

Q: Why are wealthy liberal Democrats so eager to spend more of your money on the needy?

A: So they can remain in denial about how stingy they are with their own money.

Mark J. Perry's Carpe Diem — a site you should be reading regularly — has the most recent case in point:

The WSJ, Greg Mankiw and Tax Prof all reported on Joe Biden's tax returns (available here and summarized on Tax Prof). As Tax Prof (Paul Caron) points out: "Despite income ranging from $210,432 – $321,379 over the ten-year period from 1998 to 2007, the Bidens have given only $120 – $995 per year to charity, which amounts to 0.06% – 0.31% of their income (see chart below)."

Maybe Biden donates his used underwear to charity, like Bill Clinton.

Perry, the master of the graph that's worth a thousand words, offered this comparison of Sen. Joe Biden's ten-year average charitable contribution with that of others with six-figure adjusted gross incomes:

Joe Biden vs. Other Taxpayer Groups

I don't quite match the $100k-$200k group — of course, I only have a five-figure income. But Biden donates just a little more than a tenth of what I do. And less than 2% of what others with $200k+ incomes give.

I don't begrudge him his stinginess — it's his money, and he has every right to do with it as he pleases. But he has a lot of nerve calling people like me greedy for opposing higher taxes.

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New Stossel special tonight

Posted by Richard on November 30, 2006

Here’s a heads-up for fans of ABC News 20/20 host John Stossel (and if you’re not a fan yet, here’s an opportunity to become one): Stossel’s new 20/20 special, Cheap in America, is airing tonight at 10 PM Eastern Time (9 Central and Mountain, 8 Pacific) on your local ABC station:

John Stossel looks at the state of charity in the U.S. Who gives and who doesn’t? Some surprising answers, plus why doing good deeds can be good for your health.

Here’s a teaser from the findings: the average conservative-headed household earns 6% less, but gives 30% more than the average liberal-headed household.

By the way, a book or video by the informative, entertaining, and very libertarian Stossel would make a great Christmas gift for someone — maybe even yourself!

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