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Welcome to Boulder! Hope you enjoy our slippery slope!

Posted by Richard on August 19, 2017

Old woke: Speech is violence!

New, even more woke: Failure to speak is violence!

I’d raise my eyebrows, but that would be a microaggression.

A group called Showing Up for Racial Justice marched in Boulder today “in support of diversity and racial justice.” Since it’s Boulder, the group was approximately 100% white. But these are very woke white people. They had many signs like this:

Marchers with Silence is Violence sign

Click the link or picture for the 9News story if you want to know more about how caring and sensitive the participants are and how they want to “ensure the community is accessible and safe for people of color.”

Of course, making Boulder more diverse and accessible to people of color would probably require doing something about their egregious zoning laws and land use regulations that have driven the average home price above $1 million.

But I’m sure the people of color who visit Boulder every day feel safe. You know, the people who wash the arugula and prepare the gluten-free avocado toast in the chi-chi restaurants.

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Sharia-compliant emoticons

Posted by Richard on March 28, 2014

Yes, it sounds a joke, but Weasel Zippers assures us it’s true. And has an adorable picture to prove it.

Apparently, Apple is going to expand its offering of emoji (little cartoon emoticons) in the interest of diversity. In addition to emoji resembling different ethnicities, there will be some wearing religious headgear such as the hijab.

Apparently, diversity advocates have complained about the “staggering lack of minority representation” among emoji. Good. If the political correctness police are down to complaining about emoticons, they must finally be running out of things to become outraged about.

I guess I’ve never spent much time exploring the wide world of emoticons. I’m old school, and my simple needs are generally met by just a few ASCII-character ones: :-), ;-), and 🙁 are really all I need. I’ve encountered emoji libraries in some apps/contexts. Based on those few casual glances, I thought they were pretty much all yellow circles or blobs with different expressions whose distinctions in meaning were far too subtle for me.

UPDATE: Weird. The WP editor translated my sad ASCII emoticon, but not the other two, into the corresponding emoji graphic. Never noticed that before (I don’t use sad much).

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