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“Fake but accurate”: another Clinton anti-gun fraud

Posted by Richard on October 23, 2016

The Podesta emails released by Wikileaks contain a wealth of examples of how dependent on fraud, fakery, and manipulation of a compliant press the Clinton campaign is. Gateway Pundit pointed out an example of interest to those of us concerned about our civil gun rights:

So much about Hillary’s campaign is fake, even some of her supporters. A blog posted to Medium in January was made to look like it was written by a Hillary supporter who was a victim of gun violence was actually orchestrated and written by her staff. Then the piece was customized for the person assigned as the author.


HT: Billlls Idle Mind, which appropriately labeled the Medium post as fantastic, according to one of the definitions of that word.

UPDATE: NRA-ILA reported this story along with a lot of other evidence from the leaked emails of the Clinton campaign’s commitment to make war on gun owners. See also their dissection of the preposterous lie Clinton told during the third debate when asked about her statement that the Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.”

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3 Responses to ““Fake but accurate”: another Clinton anti-gun fraud”

  1. Olivia Segal said

    So, did you hear Paul Danish was making another run for Boulder County Commissioner? He’s having the big bash the day after tomorrow at Carelli’s in Boulder, if you’re game. (Can’t come myself. Bus-bound on account of being a chronic bad driver; it’s a rassafrass.)

    • Richard said

      I got an email from Eric Weissmann earlier today about Paul’s candidacy. I checked the websites of Paul and the Boulder GOP and can’t find any info on that event. Google was no help either.

      Sorry to hear about your transportation troubles.

  2. Rick Shultz said

    My old friend, I hope that you will allow this comment to remain on your blog but I do understand if you feel obligated to remove it for either your protection or mine. As to removing it for MY protection, if that turns out to be your main reason for not allowing it to remain, I would simply say that I appreciate your concern but I think I have the equipment and talent to defend myself from whatever Gestapo-like entity that might decide to come knocking on my door. And since what little quality of life remaining to me is NOT so slowly dwindling away, losing a firefight with a bunch of fascist clowns wouldn’t mean a hill of beans to me anyway. It would just be a dandy opportunity to take a couple of statist bastards who are wasting oxygen with me. Besides, what I am about to say is not, and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be construed to be, a threat against Hillarybeast. Since Hillary Clinton is the gravest threat to the 2nd amendment rights of the people in this country to come along in this century,I merely wish to express my FERVENT HOPE that SOMEONE shoots her before she gets the full secret service protection and it gets way more difficult than it would be now. Even Democrats who, while NOT overly troubled with the “smarts”, can’t possibly be unaware of the conflict between her public and private statements, and could not possibly still claim that she is not lying her fat, extremist ass off. Nor can they be unaware that she is more and more rapidly losing what mind she has to Parkinson’s syndrome even though the media is doing it’s dead level best to hide it. It seems to me that the mere fact that she hauls her own personal ambulance around with her everywhere she goes so that she will not have to submit to examination by ER physicians who can diagnose Parkinson’s in the time it takes to say Levadopa is a complete giveaway. I just can’t see how anyone in their right mind, excluding most Democrats of course, could POSSIBLY want this would-be “Mama Doc” in the White House for even 4 minutes let alone 4 years.

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