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Those David Zucker ads

Posted by Richard on October 27, 2006

David Zucker is the Hollywood producer/director behind the classic comedy spoofs Airplane! and The Naked Gun. He was a lifelong Democrat until September 11, 2001. Lately, he’s been trying to use his professional talents to help the Republicans, who seem especially message-challenged this year.

Zucker’s Albright ad came out a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s awesome — it’s not easy to balance zany and chilling, but Zucker does exactly that. According to Drudge, however, "jaws dropped" when he showed it to GOP strategists, who all thought it was "too hot" to use. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

(If clicking the above doesn’t work for some reason, click this link to watch it at YouTube.)

Zucker has a new ad out about taxes. It’s pretty wacky, too. Check it out:

(Here’s a link to it at YouTube in case the embedded player doesn’t work for you.)

It seems to me that the Republican Party could use a little audacity at this point, and blowing off Zucker is foolish and overly timid. I could be wrong — I’m not exactly attuned to the thinking of the average American — but I think one-minute versions of these ads or something like them could provide quite a boost for Republicans.

Apparently, at least some people at the Republican National Committee are OK with a bit of edginess and humor. America Weakly (promoted at the end of Zucker’s tax ad) presents "future history" — the news from 2007 after the Dems take control of Congress — and it’s funded by the RNC.

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Reports of my death exaggerated

Posted by Richard on October 14, 2006

Hi, there! Miss me? Sorry about the long absence (I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks). I’ve been working toward a big deadline, and although I wasn’t really working killer hours (I don’t do that anymore — for one thing, my back won’t let me), I consistently found myself too mentally tired — or distracted — or lazy — or something — to sit down and blog. I finished up a couple of days ago, and have pretty much avoided the computer since.

I haven’t even been reading much or keeping up with world events during the last couple of weeks. I’ve been tossing most my newspapers in the recycle bin unread, and I’ve only glanced at a few blogs from time to time. Oh, I caught the news highlights, but I missed a lot of the details and follow-up stories.

For instance, I remember some Democrats suggesting that a gay man shouldn’t be permitted anywhere near a bunch of teenage boys. But somehow I missed the coverage of gay rights demonstrators demanding that those homophobes apologize. And did the Boy Scouts of America ever issue a statement of support for the Democrats’ position?

I heard a brief mention of Sen. Harry Reid’s illegal real estate dealings, but I never did hear details of the investigation that I’m sure was launched by the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). And I missed the stories about legislators calling on Reid to resign.

And then there was that North Korean nuclear test. I heard how Japan immediately imposed a strict trade embargo. Surely, France denounced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s unilateralism and failure to work with the international community, right? And John Kerry must have held a press conference to declare that if he were the Japanese P.M., he’d have deferred to the United Nations.

It’s really a shame that I missed such important stories. Why, by only hearing part of the news like that, I could easily get the impression that fairness, balance, and impartiality are sorely lacking nowadays.

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Albright: wrong then, wrong now

Posted by Richard on June 23, 2006

Remember when American politicians of all persuasions refrained from publicly criticizing their country while abroad? Nowadays, lobbing rhetorical bombs at the U.S. from foreign soil seems to be a Democratic hobby. The other day in Moscow, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright blamed the U.S. invasion of Iraq for Iran’s and North Korea’s eagerness to pursue nuclear weapons.

What nonsense. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons so it can annihilate Israel, bring back the 12th Imam, and create a global caliphate — the triumph of Islam and extension of the ummah throughout the world. I don’t think U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would make Ahmadinejad and the mullahs lose interest in those goals.

As for North Korea, Ms. Albright and her boss, Bill Clinton, bear much of the blame for that country’s nuclear weapons and long-range missile programs.

In 2000, Secretary of State Albright visited North Korea and gushed about what a wonderful host Kim Jong-il was. I believe her visit came near one of the periodic peaks of the horrific famine that’s been going on for more than a decade and that’s claimed millions of lives.

While Ms. Albright strove to "normalize" relations with — and praised the lavish banquets and parties of — this monstrous ruler of a ghastly slave state, she was apparently oblivious — or indifferent — to the abject horror by which she was surrounded: People driven mad by hunger, trying to survive by eating roaches, tree bark, undigested bits picked out of animal and human feces, and grass soup. People digging up the recently buried and consuming the decaying flesh. People exchanging babies with their neighbors so that it wasn’t their own flesh and blood that they killed and ate.

But, hey, that Kim threw a great party! And the Clinton administration wanted to demonstrate its respect for the concerns and aspirations of Kim’s glorious people’s republic.

I’m not much interested in the foreign policy advice — or moral judgments — of Madeleine Albright.

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