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I missed the debate — thank goodness

Posted by Richard on October 11, 2012

After four years of mostly trouble-free performance, my Dish VIP722 DVR receiver chose tonight to flake out. So instead of watching the vice presidential debate, I spent much of the evening exhausting my diagnostic and troubleshooting skills (which, IMHO, are pretty darn good) and eventually throwing myself on the mercy of Dish technical support. Which is really very good, once you get past the Tier 1 people who initially take your call. Long story short, they restored the receiver to service just in time for me to see the post-debate analysis.

Based on the clips I saw and commentary I heard (CBS and Fox News), it’s a good thing I missed it. I couldn’t take 90 whole minutes of Biden’s laughing, sneering, eye-rolling, and belittling of Ryan.

And it seems that Biden was abetted throughout by moderator Martha Raddatz. Big surprise. ABC’s “objective, impartial journalist” is a leftist hack and a shill for the Obama administration, and not just because Barack Obama was a guest at her wedding 20 years ago. Why the GOP continues to allow debates (both in the primaries and now in the general election) to be moderated by their ideological enemies without so much as a peep of protest is beyond me.

UPDATE: Ryan won according to “snap” polls by CNN and CNBC. A CBS poll of “undecided” voters gave the win to Biden.

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Romney picks Ryan, shocking revelations begin

Posted by Richard on August 11, 2012

This morning, Mitt Romney introduced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. A few hours later, a Jaynesville, Wisconsin man declared that Ryan was responsible for the death of his wife when, as a college student, Ryan was driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. “She was so distracted by the sight of that Wienermobile that she hit a telephone pole,” Adelbert Goopooch explained. “She was incapacitated for quite some time, had to give up her job, and took to drinking. Seven years later, while inebriated, she slipped in the bathtub, hit her head, and drowned. She’d be alive today if it weren’t for Paul Ryan.”

Early this afternoon, Sen. Harry Reid, an alleged pederast, announced that he’d received a phone call from someone who once attended a Ryan campaign event who assured him that Ryan had never in his life paid his taxes.

ABC News and MSNBC have launched independent investigations into rumors that Ryan once hired a lawn service that employed undocumented workers and that Ryan once owned stock in Staples and thus is connected to Bain Capital’s death squad money.

There is of course absolutely no evidence supporting any of these claims, but the seriousness of the allegations requires the mainstream media to treat them seriously.

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The modesty of the Ryan budget plan

Posted by Richard on April 7, 2012

The President called the Republican budget plan put together by Rep. Paul Ryan “social Darwinism.” And he and his fellow Socialist Democrats have pulled out all the stops in denouncing it: children will starve, old people will die, our food will poison us, and the air and water will become toxic if these draconian budget cuts are enacted.

After a cursory look when it came out, I gave the Ryan plan two cheers. But after looking at the graphs and numbers Nick Gillespie put together (from Investor’s Business Daily and the Mercatus Center’s Veronique de Rugy), I’m taking back one of those cheers.

Under the Ryan plan, government spending grows slightly more slowly than under the Obama plan. I’m guessing that’s not entirely fair to Ryan — the Obama numbers are undoubtedly much more fudged than his, so the real difference is probably much greater than it appears.

Nevertheless, the Ryan plan is a pretty modest, timid, tentative start at addressing the impending fiscal catastrophe. That the Socialist Democrats are attacking it in such over-the-top fashion indicates either that they’re totally delusional and divorced from reality or that they’re cynically betting they can defeat the Republicans by scaring the bejeezus out of all the ignorant and stupid people.

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The Ryan budget: a step in the right direction

Posted by Richard on March 20, 2012

After a cursory look at Rep. Paul Ryan’s new budget proposal, I’m inclined to give it two cheers. It’s certainly in stark contrast to the President’s bloated and irresponsible plan. And maybe it strikes an astute balance between what really needs to be done and what’s palatable, for now, to the majority of Americans. But I agree with Investor’s Business Daily:

… It’s a good start, but we’d prefer a plan that cut spending more deeply, killed off a few needless Cabinet agencies and truly embraced the Founders’ vision of a limited federal government.

Despite the wailing from Democrats about draconian spending cuts, Ryan’s near-term cuts would still leave government spending 5% more in 2014 than it did in 2008 — even after adjusting for inflation.

It never gets federal outlays below 19%, which is still too high. And annual deficits worryingly start to rise again after 2018, although at a far lower level than under Obama’s budget.

But we’ll take Ryan’s responsible and perfectly reasonable plan over Obama’s recklessness any day.

And we suspect that when voters have a chance to see the two budget futures explained to them, they will too.

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