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Hawks and pigeons

Posted by Richard on December 11, 2014

On several occasions over the past few months, I’ve seen a hawk hanging around my neighborhood, circling overhead or sitting on a telephone pole. I don’t know if it’s the same hawk each time or various hawks just passing through. If the former, I hope it’s established permanent residence in the area and likes the taste of pigeon. We have far too many pigeons in the neighborhood.

“Too many,” in the case of pigeons, can best be defined as “more than zero.” I hate the little bastards. If Denver laws permitted it, I’d invest in an air rifle with which to dispatch them.

People sometimes refer to pigeons as “rats with wings.” It’s worse than that. They’re rats with wings and diarrhea.

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Fox on roof redux

Posted by Richard on April 9, 2010

What is it about Denver-area foxes? One thing's for sure — they're not afraid of heights! Regular readers may recall that last August I posted a picture of a fox on the roof of my house. And commenter Stacy reported a fox on the roof in Northglenn (a Denver suburb) in October.

Well, tonight Denver's ABC affiliate, 7News (KMGH) showed viewer video of a fox on the roof of someone's two-story house. It looked a lot like my fox. But I suppose, to non-foxes, all foxes look pretty much alike. 

It's only a few minutes after the story aired, and it doesn't seem to be on their website yet. A search of their site for "fox" turned up some Fox Network/News stories and one about Megan Fox. She's probably not much brighter than the fox on the roof, but way more photogenic.

The fox on roof video may get posted when they get around to updating their site. These legacy media people still see the internet as an afterthought. If I don't forget, I'll check for it in the morning and update with a link if it's available. 

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Fox on roof

Posted by Richard on August 16, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, around 11PM, I'd just returned from a BBQ at my neighbors' and was standing on my front porch. Suddenly, a fox ran down the sidewalk past me. I admit I'd had a few adult beverages, but I wasn't drunk, and I was certain it was a fox. It looked like a fox and it had a gait like a fox.

Now, this was unusual because of where I live. I'm a block off South Broadway, a major 4-lane arterial, in a densely-built (most lots are 33 ft. wide) 90+-year-old urban neighborhood, not some subdivision. Our wildlife consists mainly of squirrels and pigeons (btw, I hate the latter with a passion). 

But if I thought seeing a fox run past was unusual, I hadn't seen anything yet.

Tonight after dinner (it was still light out), I took my indoor recycling bin to the big bin by my detached garage. My neighbors' dogs were barking up a storm. I thought it was just at me (they bark at everything that moves), but as I started back toward the house, I caught a glimpse of something on my roof out of the corner of my eye. It was a fox. Sitting on the roof of my house. And I've got the picture to prove it. 

fox on roof

Who knew foxes could climb trees? (No, there's no other possible way up there. Except with a little fox-sized hang glider.)

After snapping a couple of pictures (with the low battery light glaring at me), I went in and grabbed the phone book and phone. I wanted to call Denver's animal control office and find out what, if anything, one needed to do about a fox on the roof.

After several minutes of looking through the government pages, I gave up. Have you ever noticed how user-unfriendly the government listings in the phone book are? A person looking for the animal control number for Denver ought to be able to find it in the Denver City section under "A," dammit. It's probably in the Denver County section, listed under whatever department its part of with a totally unguessable name, but I never found it.

Anyway, I decided to call the non-emergency police number for District 3 and ask them how to contact animal control. So I took the phone out back to verify that the fox was still there before dialing. And it wasn't. 

I'm glad I got a picture, or nobody would believe me. 

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