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The award for best Bergdahl commentary goes to…

Posted by Richard on June 5, 2014

MAD Magazine for “Barack Obama’s Unfortunate New Movie”! Priceless:

What, Me Worry?

HT: Reason Hit & Run Blog

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2 Responses to “The award for best Bergdahl commentary goes to…”

  1. […] Bergdahl swap is playing out exactly as anyone with half a brain predicted. Subscribe To Site: Full Post Feed | Summary Feed | Comments Feed #call_to_action […]

  2. Rick Shultz said

    Although our actions in the Middle East don’t make a great deal of sense to me ALL the time, there are certain things that DO make sense, and I do understand why we do them. We have essentially a volunteer army here, and we have had for quite a while now. Now when you volunteer for something like military service it would seem that anyone who is halfway intelligent would realize that you will be required to take an oath to defend the country whose armed forces you are member of, and that oath is going to require you to obey orders and to obey regulations put in place with the purpose of defining what your duties will be as a member of that military force. It would behoove anyone with a modicum of intelligence to consider that, at some point, personal beliefs are going to come into conflict with these rules, and if they do, you are going to have to put aside personal beliefs and obey the orders you are given. This is something that the swear an oath to do, and in addition to the obligation you have to uphold the decisions made by your commanding officers, you have an even more important obligation not to let your fellow soldiers down. They are depending on you to do your job so they can count on not being killed or wounded by the enemy because you decided that personal beliefs were more important than their well-being. I have no use for anyone who will decide in the middle of a battle that while it’s great to soar with the eagles a weasel doesn’t get sucked into a jet engine. And I would want that weasel punished for allowing me to get killed or badly wounded because of his waffling and inability to do what he signed up for. I will be very pissed if this individual doesn’t get at least a BCD and some time busting rocks at Leavenworth.

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