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What? No indoor swimming pool?

Posted by Richard on April 19, 2005

Read this QandO post about LA’s new $17 million homeless shelter, named the Midnight Mission, complete with gym, library, movies, hair salon, etc. Unbelievable. McQ closes with a warning for those of us not in LA:

Only in California and naturally first in LA. If it becomes a trend you could see one in a town or municipality near you soon.

I’m not worried, I’ve got a plan. I’m going see if I can locate more info on the Midnight Mission — maybe a few pictures of the amenities — and then make up a few hundred flyers promoting it. I’ll distribute them to the "differently hygiened" denizens of Denver’s Civic Center Plaza and 16th Street Mall. With any luck, two-thirds of Denver’s homeless will begin making their way to the Left Coast.

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