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What the Kool-Aid drinkers are saying

Posted by Richard on August 19, 2005

Did you go read the Newsweek story about Bush’s meetings with grieving military families, like I asked you to? You really should. Regarding people’s reactions to this article, I said:

… If your eyes filled with tears — welcome to the club. If you still have a sneer on your lips and you’re muttering something about "ChimpyBushHitlerHalliburton" — well, enjoy your Kool-Aid.

Today I thought I’d go see what some of the Kool-Aid drinkers actually were muttering after reading the article. Over at Daily Kos, I found these comments (bold text is comment heading in original; all ellipses in original):

Bush has no soul. He can turn it on and off at will.  His grief is for the cameras.  Did you see F-911 out on the golf course?  There is nothing but the roach laden black ooze that courses throughout this monster’s body. 

Propaganda. I have never seen anything in Bush’s body language or facial expressions that bespoke grief. Grief is not expressed in words although people try. It is in the body and every muscle and every movement shows it.

When I heard him say, "When soldiers die, we weep and mourn…," I wanted to retch. There was not a trace of truth in those words. His body, facial expression, and voice betrayed him. 

Bogus In their own incompetent, bumbling way – they’ve figured out the WH resident has to act human and emotional as to our troops.  According to the prior stories of parents who met with him, he sees it as a stage for him to act out "his presidency."  That they’ve finally figured it out — is in itself a miracle because they live in the "have more" world.  This may be a signal that we will now see a emotional, sad bush.  However, he won’t carry it off well — he’ll say some completely harsh, cold stuff that won’t be reported, of course.  And we, the long suffering segment of the population who actually feels for our own people and Iraq, will have to suffer thru the new george tearing his way onto our screens.  God, how much longer!

Just Bushies’ calculated media PR response to try to deal with the drubbing that Wormbrain is getting from Cindy Sheehan outside of his vacation ranch in Crawford.

Bush crying? That is rich. Reptiles can’t cry.

Excuse while I go puke. How low will that son of a bitch in the whitehosue stoop. 

The Modern-Day GOP… …and by that I mean, starting with Reagan and his handlers, refined with Atwater/Bush and, now currently, with Rove at the helm, as always excelled at the manipulation of language, symbol and soundbite.

In my mind, whether the tears are real or not, is irrelevant.  Whatever slim sincerity the tears may hold, if any, are vastly outweighed by the years of lies, blunders, carnage, slime, smear and media manipulation.  Not to mention our flirtation with fascism.  So, his lip trembled at 9/11…big deal…I cry at phone commercials.  He’s a scoundrel and he has surrounded himself with criminals and robber barons.  Cry me a river.  Don’t weep for me, Argentina.

Bush is a sociopath The more I see of him and learn about him, the more convinced I am that this is true. Torturing animals is one of the hallmarks, and blowing up frogs sure sounds like torture to me. (Of course, the crowd who gave us Gitmo probably disagrees.)  

Sociopaths can cry at will. It’s not that hard a skill to learn — actors do it all the time. I used to date a sociopath, and he used to turn on the waterworks to great effect. A man, crying, in our society? Oh, he must be sensitive and vulnerable. Got him pretty far. (Probably still does.) Bush just isn’t as adept at it as my ex.

Good holy freaking God!! Nancy sissy pants boy is losing it!!!  This is not pretty behavior.  How can he keep us safe if he’s all blubbery and all?

…Or, the White House is holding one of Newsweek’s loved ones as hostage.

I’ll let someone else investigate the thoughtful commentary at Democratic Underground.

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One Response to “What the Kool-Aid drinkers are saying”

  1. Jan said

    Sounds like they have had some bad reactions to the Kool-Aid.

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