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Bureaucrats party on our dime

Posted by Richard on July 16, 2009

The financial situation of Social Security has dramatically worsened recently. A few years ago, it was expected to run a surplus until 2025. That was recently revised to 2017. Now, thanks to the recession, it looks like the fund will go into the red this year.

So what's the Social Security Administration doing to cope with this grim news? Well, they just treated hundreds of SSA executives and managers from all over the country to three days in Phoenix at the posh Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa and a nearby casino. It was an "essential" conference for helping these bureaucrats learn how to relieve stress. 

Remember a few months ago when the Prez, Congress, and their PR mouthpieces (AKA the mainstream media) were chiding corporations for their "unseemly" conferences at lavish resorts and "junkets" to Las Vegas during these grim economic times? Apparently, the same standards that apply to private businesses and investors don't apply to government bureaucrats. 

They're not "public servants" anymore. They're the ruling class.

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