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I’m just appalled

Posted by Richard on April 27, 2005

Matt Welch at Reason’s Hit and Run doesn’t think much of our Prez making nice with Crown Prince Abdullah. I couldn’t agree more. This isn’t what I expect from the President who delivered that stirring inaugural speech about freedom and democracy, complete with stern warnings to our "friends" in the mideast that they had to change their ways.

In between the schmoozing, the sucking up, and the US promises to make it easier for Saudis to come here (!), did anyone on our team think to express some freakin’ OUTRAGE that these clowns are still sending Wahabbi Islamofascist literature to American mosques and teaching hatred of Christians and Jews in their madrassas?

A few days ago, in a different context, I suggested that Bush ask himself What Would Reagan Do? Given what happened on 9/11 and what we now know about the Islamofascists and their ongoing support from the Saudi royal family, I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be this.


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