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Obsession in the Sunday paper

Posted by Richard on September 15, 2008

Along with the usual ad inserts, my Sunday Denver Post contained something special — something that made me cheer: a DVD of the one-hour version of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. The slick, eye-catching card to which it was attached listed over 60 newspapers in which it was being distributed, so maybe you got one too. 

You are going to watch it, right? You are going to pass it along to friends or family, right?

I've written about Obsession several times. I've contributed to the project. And I'm delighted that millions more people will now get the chance to see it.

Film critic Michael Medved called Obsession "one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've seen this year." You need to see this film. Your friends need to see it, too. It would make a great gift.

Using images from Arab TV, rarely seen in the West, Obsession reveals an ‘insider's view' of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination.  With the help of experts,  including first-hand accounts from a former PLO terrorist, a Nazi youth commander, and the daughter of a martyred guerilla leader, the film shows, clearly, that the threat is real.

A peaceful religion is being hijacked by a dangerous foe, who seeks to destroy the shared values we stand for.  The world should be very concerned

The DVD in the Sunday papers is the shortened version that aired on Fox News. If you didn't get one, or if after watching it, you want to support the project and get the full-length theatrical release DVD (on sale now for only $14.95!), click here or on the Obsession banner in my right sidebar. If you have broadband access, you can watch a full-screen, high-resolution stereo presentation online for $4.95, which can be applied toward a DVD purchase.


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Get Obsession

Posted by Richard on September 17, 2007

The full-length version of the acclaimed documentary film Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West was released on September 11 and is now available from all the major DVD retailers (although Amazon is already sold out).

I raved about the shortened version when it aired on Fox News, and quoted others who raved as well. For instance, film critic Michael Medved called Obsession "one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've seen this year." You need to see this film. Your friends need to see it, too. It would make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift.

Using images from Arab TV, rarely seen in the West, Obsession reveals an ‘insider's view' of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination.  With the help of experts,  including first-hand accounts from a former PLO terrorist, a Nazi youth commander, and the daughter of a martyred guerilla leader, the film shows, clearly, that the threat is real.

A peaceful religion is being hijacked by a dangerous foe, who seeks to destroy the shared values we stand for.  The world should be very concerned

Click here or on the banner below to order the DVD for $19.95, or to watch a full-screen, high-resolution stereo presentation online (broadband required) for $4.95, which can be applied toward a DVD purchase.

Obsession the movie


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The Mahdi Hatters of Tehran

Posted by Richard on January 3, 2007

Ever wonder what interests the leaders of Iran are pursuing when they aren’t occupied with the construction of more centrifuges to hasten the day they have nuclear weapons?

Well, for one thing, they seem interested in historical research — with a rather revisionist bent. MEMRI has posted translated excerpts of a Dec. 28 interview with Mohammad Ali Ramin, Iranian Presidential Advisor, who discussed what the Iranian historical research discovered about Hitler’s Jewish parents and powerful Jewish associates (I’m not making this up):

"Adolf Hitler himself developed an aversion to Judaism because his mother was a Jewish whore. …

"Thus… Hitler simultaneously developed both feelings of solidarity with Judaism and feelings of hatred towards it, and this emotional ambivalence shaped his behavior towards the Jews. On the one hand, his entire family, the people who shared his views, and his associates who brought him into power and stood by him to the last – including his lovers and his personal doctor – were [all] Jewish. On the other hand, he welcomed the policy of expelling the Jews from Central Europe for two other reasons: Firstly, the establishment of a Jewish government in Palestine was an aspiration of the rich and influential Jews who surrounded him. Secondly, exiling the Jews from Europe and Germany was a general and historical demand of the Western Christian nations. With the full support of the British, and in coordination with them, Hitler addressed this general demand and [thereby] managed to gain widespread popularity in Europe. Obviously, publishing writings and information of this sort is forbidden in Germany and in the West

(Hat tip to Yoni the blogger, who really needs to learn to provide links to the sources he cites.)

In addition to researching the past, the Iranian government is also very interested in predicting the future. A Ynetnews story recently drew attention to an Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) web page entitled "The World Toward Illumination." A series of posts over the past two months discuss the return of the Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi. The Dec. 11 update said he may be returning soon, and he’ll be heading for Jerusalem:

A triumphal religious prophecy has appeared on an Iranian official state media website, heralding the return of the Shiite messiah.

According to the website, "Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) will appear all of a sudden on the world scene with a voice from the skies announcing his reappearance at the holy Ka’ba in Mecca."

"After his appearance the Imam would remain in Mecca for some time, and then go to Medina… a descendant of the Prophet’s archenemy Abu Sofyan will seize Syria and attack Iraq and the Hejaz with the ferocity of a beast… finally Imam Mahdi sends troops who kill the Sofyani in Beit ol-Moqaddas (Jerusalem), the Islamic holy city in Palestine that is currently under occupation of the Zionists," the IRIB added.

‘The World Towards Illumination’ series cites some Islamic sources as saying that the Mahdi’s return "may coincide with the Spring Equinox

If you’ve ever wondered why many on the left seem oddly unconcerned about and even sympathetic toward the Islamists, read more of that IRIB page and you’ll begin to see. The latest (Dec. 25) update, for instance, sounds like a mixture of Marxism and National Socialism with mystical flourishes:

… The cold and calculating domineering powers impose on the weaker nations, the methods of production, consumption and technology that are to the benefit of capitalists. In the weird system of today’s powerful counties, moral and spiritual values have no place and are seen as undesirable liabilities that prevent these powers from reaching economic welfare and what they call true prosperity. However, the exploitation of the weak, the unjust system of distribution and denial of the rights of nations, will end with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS). In the government of the Imam man will witness real economic welfare throughout the world without any discrimination. The main issue in his global government is carrying out social justice and one of the main products of social justice is a highly developed economy that leads to the blossoming of moral and spiritual values as emphasized by the dynamic teachings of Islam. According to narrations, justice revives the dynamics of the shari’a or religious rulings. The Prophet’s 6th infallible successor, Imam Ja’far Sadeq (PBUH) says people will be needless when justice governs their life.

In the ideal society of Imam Mahdi (AS), justice will be materialized. Elements for production and economic prosperity will increase and people will witness the full development of the Islamic society. … Imam Mahdi’s educational system will mould man’s personality and morality toward sublimity and create conditions throughout the world that will lead man to abstain from any extravagance and overuse or waste of natural resources. Thus the environment and its resources will remain immune from destruction and pollution. In the economic field, people will have complete mutual trust and conclude deals without the exchange of economic documents, and no infraction will be committed in these deals.

Anti-capitalism, one world government, wealth redistribution, social justice, environmentalism — this Mahdi is the average leftist’s wet dream. Well, except for those bothersome quirks like stoning adulterers and homosexuals, forbidding everything remotely fun and pleasurable, and treating women as chattel. But the average post-modern enviro-socialist has more in common with Ahmadinejad and his pals than first meets the eye, and probably thinks (incorrectly) that their differences could be resolved by talking.

As for the Mahdi returning in a few months and heading for Jerusalem, I can’t help but wonder if he might be wearing one of these:

Demron - Radiation Protection Suit


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Must-see TV

Posted by Richard on November 17, 2006

Tonight at 9 PM ET (that's 7 PM here in Denver), Fox News is rebroadcasting Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam. If you missed it last weekend, I strongly urge you to tune in. It's a one-hour presentation excerpted from the full-length movie, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, which has won considerable critical acclaim. For instance:

"Obsession is one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've seen this year. This courageous, utterly gripping expose' deserves the attention of every American — and merits serious consideration for the Academy Award for Best Feature Length Documentary."

Michael Medved
Nationally syndicated radio host, film critic, and "Eye on Entertainment"

Obsession is both scary and riveting! Each and every one of us should feel obligated to show Obsession to as many people as we can. Obsession should serve as a wake-up call to the free world to confront the threat now, before it is too late."

Joel Surnow
Executive Producer “24”

"This movie ought to be shown … in every community center, every school, every church, synagogue and mosque, every living room in America…"

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News, editorial page

" Leaves you speechless… [Obsession] is the single most powerful and terrifying public exposition of the fact that a global Islamic jihad is now being waged from Bali to Istanbul, from Chechnya to Madrid, from Morocco to Manhattan, from Thailand to Bloomsbury – and that the world that is under attack is deeply in denial about what it is facing. "

Melanie Phillips
Author and Journalist, the Daily Mail

" Riveting… Obsession is without exaggeration one of the most important films of our time… America needs to see it "

Glenn Beck
The Glenn Beck Program

Along the same lines, Glenn Beck aired his own special this past Wednesday, Exposed: The Extremist Agenda, and I recommend it, too. It will be rebroadcast on CNN's Headline News Network this Sunday evening (7, 9, and midnight ET).

Fire up your TIVO or VCR, or just sit yourself down and watch these two programs. They are gripping and spell-binding — and so very, very important.

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Is it 1938 again?

Posted by Richard on August 8, 2006

Here is Victor Davis Hanson’s "The Brink of Madness." Read every word. Read it several times. This may be the most important thing you read all year:

When I used to read about the 1930s — the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, the rise of fascism in Italy, Spain, and Germany, the appeasement in France and Britain, the murderous duplicity of the Soviet Union, and the racist Japanese murdering in China — I never could quite figure out why, during those bleak years, Western Europeans and those in the United States did not speak out and condemn the growing madness, if only to defend the millennia-long promise of Western liberalism.

Of course, the trauma of the Great War was all too fresh, and the utopian hopes for the League of Nations were not yet dashed. The Great Depression made the thought of rearmament seem absurd. The connivances of Stalin with Hitler — both satanic, yet sometimes in alliance, sometimes not — could confuse political judgments.

But nevertheless it is still surreal to reread the fantasies of Chamberlain, Daladier, and Pope Pius, or the stump speeches by Charles Lindbergh (“Their [the Jews’] greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government”) or Father Coughlin (“Many people are beginning to wonder whom they should fear most — the Roosevelt-Churchill combination or the Hitler-Mussolini combination.”) — and baffling to consider that such men ever had any influence.

Not any longer.

Our present generation too is on the brink of moral insanity. That has never been more evident than in the last three weeks, as the West has proven utterly unable to distinguish between an attacked democracy that seeks to strike back at terrorist combatants, and terrorist aggressors who seek to kill civilians.

It is now nearly five years since jihadists from the Arab world left a crater in Manhattan and ignited the Pentagon. Apart from the frontline in Iraq, the United States and NATO have troops battling the Islamic fascists in Afghanistan. European police scramble daily to avoid another London or Madrid train bombing. The French, Dutch, and Danish governments are worried that a sizable number of Muslim immigrants inside their countries are not assimilating, and, more worrisome, are starting to demand that their hosts alter their liberal values to accommodate radical Islam. It is apparently not safe for Australians in Bali, and a Jew alone in any Arab nation would have to be discreet — and perhaps now in France or Sweden as well. Canadians’ past opposition to the Iraq war, and their empathy for the Palestinians, earned no reprieve, if we can believe that Islamists were caught plotting to behead their prime minister. Russians have been blown up by Muslim Chechnyans from Moscow to Beslan. India is routinely attacked by Islamic terrorists. An elected Lebanese minister must keep in mind that a Hezbollah or Syrian terrorist — not an Israeli bomb — might kill him if he utters a wrong word. The only mystery here in the United States is which target the jihadists want to destroy first: the Holland Tunnel in New York or the Sears Tower in Chicago.

In nearly all these cases there is a certain sameness: The Koran is quoted as the moral authority of the perpetrators; terrorism is the preferred method of violence; Jews are usually blamed; dozens of rambling complaints are aired, and killers are often considered stateless, at least in the sense that the countries in which they seek shelter or conduct business or find support do not accept culpability for their actions.

Yet the present Western apology to all this is often to deal piecemeal with these perceived Muslim grievances: India, after all, is in Kashmir; Russia is in Chechnya; America is in Iraq, Canada is in Afghanistan; Spain was in Iraq (or rather, still is in Al Andalus); or Israel was in Gaza and Lebanon. Therefore we are to believe that “freedom fighters” commit terror for political purposes of “liberation.” At the most extreme, some think there is absolutely no pattern to global terrorism, and the mere suggestion that there is constitutes “Islamaphobia.”

Here at home, yet another Islamic fanatic conducts an act of al Qaedism in Seattle, and the police worry immediately about the safety of the mosques from which such hatred has in the past often emanated — as if the problem of a Jew being murdered at the Los Angeles airport or a Seattle civic center arises from not protecting mosques, rather than protecting us from what sometimes goes on in mosques.

But then the world is awash with a vicious hatred that we have not seen in our generation: the most lavish film in Turkish history, “Valley of the Wolves,” depicts a Jewish-American harvesting organs at Abu Ghraib in order to sell them; the Palestinian state press regularly denigrates the race and appearance of the American Secretary of State; the U.N. secretary general calls a mistaken Israeli strike on a U.N. post “deliberate,” without a word that his own Blue Helmets have for years watched Hezbollah arm rockets in violation of U.N. resolutions, and Hezbollah’s terrorists routinely hide behind U.N. peacekeepers to ensure impunity while launching missiles.

If you think I exaggerate the bankruptcy of the West or only refer to the serial ravings on the Middle East of Pat Buchanan or Jimmy Carter, consider some of the most recent comments from Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah about Israel: “When the people of this temporary country lose their confidence in their legendary army, the end of this entity will begin [emphasis added].” Then compare Nasrallah’s remarks about the U.S: “To President Bush, Prime Minister Olmert and every other tyrannical aggressor. I want to invite you to do what you want, practice your hostilities. By God, you will not succeed in erasing our memory, our presence or eradicating our strong belief. Your masses will soon waste away, and your days are numbered [emphasis added].”

And finally examine here at home reaction to Hezbollah — which has butchered Americans in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia — from a prominent Democratic Congressman, John Dingell: “I don’t take sides for or against Hezbollah.” And isn’t that the point, after all: the amoral Westerner cannot exercise moral judgment because he no longer has any?

An Arab rights group, between denunciations of Israel and America, is suing its alma mater the United States for not evacuating Arab-Americans quickly enough from Lebanon, despite government warnings of the dangers of going there, and the explicit tactics of Hezbollah, in the manner of Saddam Hussein, of using civilians as human shields in the war it started against Israel.

Demonstrators on behalf of Hezbollah inside the United States — does anyone remember our 241 Marines slaughtered by these cowardly terrorists? — routinely carry placards with the Star of David juxtaposed with Swastikas, as voices praise terrorist killers. Few Arab-American groups these past few days have publicly explained that the sort of violence, tyranny, and lawlessness of the Middle East that drove them to the shores of a compassionate and successful America is best epitomized by the primordial creed of Hezbollah.

There is no need to mention Europe, an entire continent now returning to the cowardice of the 1930s. Its cartoonists are terrified of offending Muslim sensibilities, so they now portray the Jews as Nazis, secure that no offended Israeli terrorist might chop off their heads. The French foreign minister meets with the Iranians to show solidarity with the terrorists who promise to wipe Israel off the map (“In the region there is of course a country such as Iran — a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region”) — and manages to outdo Chamberlain at Munich. One wonders only whether the prime catalyst for such French debasement is worry over oil, terrorists, nukes, unassimilated Arab minorities at home, or the old Gallic Jew-hatred.

It is now a cliché to rant about the spread of postmodernism, cultural relativism, utopian pacifism, and moral equivalence among the affluent and leisured societies of the West. But we are seeing the insidious wages of such pernicious theories as they filter down from our media, universities, and government — and never more so than in the general public’s nonchalance since Hezbollah attacked Israel.

These past few days the inability of millions of Westerners, both here and in Europe, to condemn fascist terrorists who start wars, spread racial hatred, and despise Western democracies is the real story, not the “quarter-ton” Israeli bombs that inadvertently hit civilians in Lebanon who live among rocket launchers that send missiles into Israeli cities and suburbs.

Yes, perhaps Israel should have hit more quickly, harder, and on the ground; yes, it has run an inept public relations campaign; yes, to these criticisms and more. But what is lost sight of is the central moral issue of our times: a humane democracy mired in an asymmetrical war is trying to protect itself against terrorists from the 7th century, while under the scrutiny of a corrupt world that needs oil, is largely anti-Semitic and deathly afraid of Islamic terrorists, and finds psychic enjoyment in seeing successful Western societies under duress.

In short, if we wish to learn what was going on in Europe in 1938, just look around.


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News flash! Islamofascists hate Jews!

Posted by Richard on August 2, 2006

How ignorant and stupid can you be and still be a successful mainstream journalist? How totally clueless? Apparently, pretty ignorant, stupid, and clueless. At least, that’s the conclusion suggested by a segment on Tuesday night’s Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN, in which the big-shot news anchor, Cooper, interviewed the esteemed foreign correspondent  for The New Yorker, Jeffrey Goldberg:

Jeffrey, thanks very much for being with us. You know, I reread your article from several years ago about south Lebanon. It is just a fascinating look at life under Hezbollah, and of the inner workings and the message of Hezbollah.

I think what’s been lost in a lot of this coverage is just how anti-Semitic Hezbollah is in the rhetoric.

JEFFREY GOLDBERG, "THE NEW YORKER": Yes, it’s absolutely fascinating, Anderson. The anti-Semitism — there’s two things that are fascinating, rather. One is how embedded in the core of Hezbollah ideology, anti-Semitism is. And I don’t mean anti-Israel thinking or anti-Zionism. I mean frank anti-Semitism.

The other thing that’s so interesting about it is how blunt they are and how frank they are about their anti-Semitism. They don’t hide it. They don’t try to mask it in any way. They state very openly to you when you ask their exact feelings about Jews, which are quite extreme.

COOPER: It’s interesting because I talked to a representative news editor from al-Manar TV, and I asked him, you know, does Hezbollah still want to destroy the state of Israel? And I know Larry King has asked him that same question, and he rarely — he basically doesn’t answer that question. He sort of seems to avoid it. Which is so at odds because I mean Nasrallah himself is very point blank and matter of fact and open about his hatred of Jews.

GOLDBERG: Well, you know, al-Manar is an interesting place. They are slightly more schooled in let’s say obfuscation or public relations. The leadership — I mean, one of the things about Nasrallah that’s so interesting is how straightforward he is. And you see that in all of his statements on Israel. And even his statements on America. There’s no attempt to soften the language.

And the other thing about it that’s so shocking, I think, when you first hear it — is I always notice this — and one of the first things I noticed, was the use of epidemiological metaphors to describe the role of Jews in the world. Not just Israel, but Jews. Talking about Jews as a cancer, talking about Jews as a parasite on society. And they generally are very forward about this.

Is that truly bizarre? High-profile professional journalists amazed — shocked, even — that radical Islamists hate Jews and openly express extreme views about Jews? I hardly know what to say — it’s like a Saturday Night Live parody. What reality do these people inhabit?

(HT: Rush)

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Naming the war properly

Posted by Richard on August 2, 2006

I’ve said a hundred — no, a thousand — times that "War on Terror" is a stupid name and a terrible mistake. Terror isn’t an enemy, it’s a tactic, and it’s critical that we properly identify the enemy. Rand Simberg did as good a job of explicating that point as I’ve seen. As Bob Bidinotto said, "I wish I had written this, but Rand Simberg beat me to it":

So, up in Seattle, a Muslim goes Jew hunting in a target-rich environment, killing one and wounding several others, all of them women, one of them pregnant (he almost got a twofer, there). Once again, we’re assured by the authorities that there’s no reason to think that this is terrorism. In fact, the police are now reportedly guarding the local mosques against "retaliation," ignoring the fact that the vast amount of such incidents seem to occur not against mosques (in which much hateful propaganda is propagated), but against synagogues.

Stop and think about the absurdity of that for a moment. A man walks into a building full of Jews, says that he’s angry about Israeli actions, and starts shooting at innocent civilians. But we should be relieved, I guess, because it’s not terrorism.

This is just the latest example of the ongoing folly, begun in the wake of September 11, of calling the conflict in which we suddenly found ourselves (but had really been going on since at least 1979) a war against "terror."

As was the case with the first three world wars, we are at war not with terror or any other particular tactic, but with an idea, or rather, a large set of ideas, most or all of which are inimical to our culture, and to the civilization that is an outgrowth of the Enlightenment. There is no win-win outcome to this war. There are, in the words of divorce courts, irreconcilable differences between the West and the Jihadis. There is, ultimately, not room enough on this planet for both ideologies, because theirs demands submission of all to it.

Outstanding. By all means, go read the whole thing. Then, if you missed it, check out my recent post, Nazi roots of modern Islamofascism, for more about the nature of our enemies. The ideology with which we’re at war shares many ideas and values with one that we’ve had to fight before.

UPDATE: In an earlier post about Israel, Simberg crystallized the difference between Israel and Hezbollah:

Israelis kill civilians when they miss their targets. Hezbollah (and other terrorist organizations) kill civilians when they hit theirs.

And then he quoted Josh Trevino, who authored this devastating ‘graph (emphasis in original, changed from italics to bold):

Need it be said — and it is a sign of our fallen age that it does need to be said — Israel’s enemy in this war operates under no such constraint. (One assumes that in bygone days, the difference between a Western democracy and a band of murderous savages would not need repeated explanation.) Hezbollah and the average Islamist do not shrink from direct assaults on civilians as such and as an end in itself. Indeed, it has been their sole tactic in this entire war. If they have not produced scenes of masses of dead children, it is not for lack of trying — it is, after all, the only thing they try for. That they have not managed it is indicative of the confluence of blind luck and Israeli battlefield superiority. But give it time: give it infinite time to launch its rockets and try its luck, as the braying proponents of ceasefire would have it, and eventually we’ll see Jewish children, too, incinerated in their sleep. The difference, of course, is that the perpetrators then will celebrate.


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Nazi roots of modern Islamofascism

Posted by Richard on July 27, 2006

If you want a crash course on the history of radical Islam in the 20th century and its extensive ties to the German Third Reich and European fascism, go read Eye on the World’s March 25 post, Islamonazism.

It begins with a look at Islamist-Nazi connections prior to and during WWII, focusing on the somewhat well-known story of the Jerusalem Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Huseini, but with much more detail than I knew. For instance, I knew al-Huseini spent much of the war in Berlin as Hitler’s guest and that he worked to recruit Muslims to the Nazi cause throughout Islam (with a great deal of success, by the way). But I didn’t know how closely involved and enthusiastic he was about the "Final Solution" (emphasis added):

At the Nuremberg Trials, Eichmann’s deputy Dieter Wisliceny (subsequently executed as a war criminal) testified:
"The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan. … He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chamber of Auschwitz."

OK, al-Huseini was obviously a very evil man, you might shrug, but that was more than 60 years ago. Well, I suggest you look at how broad and deep his influence was in the Arab world. He was treated as a pan-Arab hero after the war and never prosecuted for war crimes (although indicted) because the allies feared the Arab reaction. He passed along his Nazi ideology, including his rabid hatred of Jews and commitment to exterminating them, to a host of proteges, including Gamal Abdul Nasser, Saddam Hussein, the first chairman of the PLO, Ahmad Shukeiri, and the founders of the Ba’ath Party, who bragged openly of being racist Nazis.

Oh, and then there was a young man named Rahman Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini. Born in Cairo in 1929 and brought up in the Gaza Strip, he was a nephew of Muhammed Amin al-Huseini — and a great admirer of the Nazi mufti. He dedicated his life to following in his uncle’s footsteps and annihilating the Jews. But first, upon enrolling at the University of Cairo in 1951, he changed his name — to Yasser Arafat.

There’s much, much more. RTWT. Bookmark it for future reference. Send the link to people you know. Western Civilization could in the long run be in trouble if too few of us understand the true nature of our enemy and what’s at stake in this war they’re waging.

(I owe someone a hat-tip for the link to this important post, but I’ve lost the source, and Eye on the World doesn’t have trackbacks.)

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