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Catching up

Posted by Richard on May 4, 2006

I’ve been remiss about my reading lately — not to mention my recommendations. For starters, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t even visited this week’s Carnival of Liberty (hosted at Searchlight Crusade), much less linked to it. Shame on me — especially since Dan said such nice things about my entry. Dan did a nice job, sorting the submissions into three categories — Life, Liberty, and Property. Go check them out.

I also forgot about the latest Carnival of Cordite, hosted for the first time at Spank That Donkey. Chris did a nice job, and I’m sure the folks on dialup connections appreciate the fact that he posted small thumbnails instead of larger images. Some interesting submissions. Check ’em out.

Finally, I haven’t even checked out last week’s winning Watcher’s Council entries yet, much less this week’s list of nominees. The latter, by the way, includes two American Digest posts, one of which I’ll say more about shortly. If it doesn’t win as best non-council entry, the council members need their heads examined.

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Good reading

Posted by Richard on April 11, 2006

Michael Hampton at Homeland Security or Homeland Stupidity is hosting Carnival of Liberty #40 (or "Extra Large," if you don’t like Arabic numerals). He’s organized the submissions into subject-matter categories, the two main ones being "Economy" and "Political Thought." Check it out. I was drawn to Thomas Anger’s post, The Causes of Economic Growth, at the new home of Liberty Corner. But then I noticed that cause #1 was "Hard worK," so I quit reading. 🙂

Also, check out Carnival of Cordite #54 at Resistance Is Futile. Gullyborg leads off with the world’s largest shotgun (way cool!) and has lots of his own good commentary this week, especially regarding the gradual gains in gun rights and the absolutists’ dismissals of them. There are also some really interesting submissions. For instance, Denise at The Ten Ring described a conversation with her "moonbat co-workers" about the upcoming film United 93, which included this (emphasis added):

I think she stopped talking when she saw my face turning red. I told her that the people on Flight 93 are my personal heroes and I named Jeremy Glick, Mark Bingham, and Todd Beamer. Someone else gave an opinion that floored me and that gives a whole new definition to moonbattery. She felt it was sad that those passengers died while fighting. She thought they should have sat quietly and reflected on their lives and that struggling cheated them of their final moments of peace.

Unbelievable. I’m simply amazed that such people exist.

Finally, check out the latest winning Watcher’s Council entries, (or maybe the complete list of nominees). Rhymes With Right’s winning council entry was interesting (teacher Greg talks to students about immigration), but I really liked Gates of Vienna’s runner-up, Aztlan and al-Andalus: Return to a Mythical Golden Age. On the non-council side, I strongly recommend winner Gerard Van der Leun’s On the Return of History, a terrific essay that begins:

IN THE DAYS AFTER THE TOWERS FELL, in the ash that covered the Brooklyn street where I lived at that time, in the smoke that rose for months from that spot across the river, when rising up in the skyscraper I worked in, or riding deep beneath the river in the subway, or passing the thousand small shrines of puddled candle wax below the walls with the hundreds of photographs of "The Missing," it was not too much to say that you could feel the doors of history open all about you.

Fine writing. Fine thinking. Go read the whole thing.

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My God, that Lileks can write!

Posted by Richard on June 18, 2005

You have to go read James Lilek’s ScreedBlog. Regularly. Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about the topic or disagree with him violently, just go and marvel at his way with words. Today, some observations about Gitmo and the left:

From Day One the very existence of the place has been a popcorn hull in the tender gums of the hard left. There was just something ineffably sinister about a detention camp. Never mind that the people sent there were “Unlawful combatants,” a phrase that would seem to bestow, well, a lack of adherence to the very notions of international law the Gitmo-detainee advocates hold dear. Never mind that they get their Korans, their arrows on the cell floor pointing to Mecca – and does anyone doubt that the arrows actually point the right way? Never mind that the food must be prepared by cooks who have to incorporate the prisoners’ convictions that the infidel is unclean, and must don gloves to prevent kafir infestation. Never mind any of that. Hoods. Shackles. Poor dears.

A popcorn hull in the tender gums of the hard left — damn, I wish I could write like that!

To some on the hard left, the American soldier comes in two flavors: Grandpa, who died so France could someday take the month of August off to hit the beach, and the Lt. Calley variety who lights a thatch roof with his Zippo, lights his Marlboro with the same, and shoots the fleeing villagers with his Napalm Super Soaker. Vietnam is the template, as ever. Gitmo is a slo-mo My Lai.

Go, James, go!

… In any case, I don’t expect what I say here will change minds; if chaining terrorists to the floor and messing with the thermostat is the Gulag, the new Auschwitz, then your head is protected by a thick cap of beliefs that can only be penetrated by, oh, a nail expelled by a suicide bomber’s dynamite belt.


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