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Vote for the asshole, it’s important

Posted by Richard on October 31, 2016

Billll has updated the “window sticker” he posted earlier this month (tape it to your car’s rear window), but hasn’t posted the new version yet. Here it is.

Vote for the Asshole sticker


It really is that simple. On the one hand, we have a person of flawed character (to put it mildly) who embraces our self-defense rights, cutting taxes, rolling back economy-stifling regulation, and “draining the swamp” of a corrupt Washington, D.C. On the other hand, we have a person with a decades-long history of corruption and self-dealing who promises to overturn Heller, likes Australian-style gun confiscation, and committed multiple felonies to cover up her corrupt reign at the State Department. One of the two will be the next president.

If you live in a state where there is no doubt about the outcome (like Massachusetts), please support and vote for the Libertarian candidates, Johnson and Weld. But if you live in a state that’s in doubt (like Colorado), and if the Second Amendment matters to you, download, print, and put this thing to work. Then put a big clothespin on your nose and vote for the asshole. It’s important.

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5 Responses to “Vote for the asshole, it’s important”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Since I live in a state(Tennessee) that’s going to go solidly for Trump, could I PLEASE just vote for Gary Johnson since my one vote isn’t going to affect the outcome? I mean since it’s wasted anyway, could I at least waste it on somebody I truly LIKE?

    • Richard said

      Yes, please do. Although that also means voting for Bill Weld, who is running around defending Hillary.

      • Rick Shultz said

        If not even the Libertarians can agree among themselves that Hillary Clinton is a lying, fat assed, one-world government liberal extremist, then any vote I cast would be a vote for someone that I could not, in good conscience, vote for so fuck it, I’m staying home.

      • Rick Shultz said

        If not even the Libertarians can agree among themselves that Hillary Clinton is a lying, fat-assed, one-world government liberal extremist, then there’s just nobody left that I could stand to vote for so FUCK IT, I’m staying home.

  2. […] I guess, since I’ve decided to vote for the asshole over the felon, I should go ahead and embed the Trump ad video. Especially since YouTube has warned me to […]

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