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Devout Muslim set mosque fire

Posted by Richard on December 30, 2015

The Savoy Masjid mosque in Houston was heavily damaged by an arson fire on Christmas Day, and firefighters had barely finished putting their hoses away before the cries of “Islamophobia” and “hate crime” began. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), supposedly a “Muslim civil rights group,” but actually a creation of and front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, called for a federal investigation into what they characterized as part of a nationwide wave of anti-Muslim violence.

Well, what do you know:

The 37-year-old man who has been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a Houston mosque on Christmas Day attended the facility for five years and prayed there five times a day.

I’m so not surprised.

UPDATE: No, I’m not prepared to call it a false flag operation, although others have — plenty of them. To be a false flag operation, it must have been orchestrated by a government or organization, and there is no definitive evidence of that yet. It could be just one crazy parishioner motivated by who knows what.

But I’m not dismissing the false flag idea either. CAIR has certainly engaged in muruna many times (including its own efforts to portray the San Bernardino massacre and the Boston bombings as false flag operations and Muslims as the victims). And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Savoy Masjid mosque is heavily supported by the Saudis and full of Wahabbi literature.

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The President beclowns himself

Posted by Richard on December 6, 2015

I didn’t watch the President’s prime-time speech tonight. But I took a quick look around the interwebs later, and I thought The Onion came up with a hilarious parody headline:

Obama: Increasing Gun Control, Rejecting Islamophobia Are Key to Combating Terrorism

Oh, wait. That’s not The Onion. That’s Slate. And they’re serious. He’s serious.

I guess I’m not all that surprised.

Obama did finally acknowledge that San Bernardino was a terrorist act. Prior to tonight, he, his lackeys, and their sycophants in the MSM had clung to the “workplace violence” theory to the point where it was laughable.

No surprise: Obama wants to trash the Second Amendment. He’s passionately opposed to discriminating against Muslims in any way, but he’s demanding that everyone on the government’s outrageous no-fly list be denied a fundamental human and Constitutional right without due process of law. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list, and it took him forever to get off. IIRC, at least 40% of the people on the no-fly list are there for no good reason.

Big surprise: Obama didn’t claim that limiting carbon dioxide emissions was the third key to combating terrorism. Maybe after the joke that was the Paris climate summit, he’s decided to cool it with the climate change rhetoric for a while.

You see what I did there?

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False flag attack in New York?

Posted by Richard on August 26, 2010

Ever since 9/12/01, the Islamists at CAIR and their "useful idiots" in the MSM and among the intelligentsia have been peddling dire warnings that rampant Islamophobia was about to unleash a wave of violence against peaceful Muslims in America. So they no doubt were gearing up the PR machine about Islamophobia again after a Muslim cab driver in New York was stabbed in what police called a "hate crime."

Well, it's certainly possible that this was a hate crime committed by some violent whacko who hates Muslims. There are such people (although far, far fewer than CAIR and its enablers would have you believe).

But based on Ben Smith's report, it's also quite possible that this was a false flag attack intended to discredit the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque and engender sympathy and a backlash in support of Muslims. The allegedly Islamophobic perpetrator of the attack, Michael Enright, appears to be a young lefty who works for a "left-leaning media organization" called Intersections International, which is described as a "global initiative dedicated to promoting justice, reconciliation and peace across lines of faith, culture, ideology, race, class, national borders and other boundaries that divide humanity." And which supports the Ground Zero mosque.

That doesn't prove he's not the Muslim-hating drunken whack-job that he appears to be. But it does make you wonder…

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