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I survived the Blogger/Twitter/Zomby Bash/Fest

Posted by Richard on April 9, 2016

Eight of us (IIRC) spent an enjoyable four hours or so at the Pint Room in Littleton this afternoon sampling some of the 175 or so beers on tap, learning the details of why zombyboy is moving to Florida and when it might happen, and conversing about a wide variety of topics from Trump (“how the eff did this happen?”) to the firing of various projectiles from a compressed-air cannon.

We also enjoyed the Pint Room’s burgers and some appetizers; the food is quite good, slightly upscale pub fare. Oh, and there were some shots. Holding the bash/fest in mid-afternoon proved to be a good plan. It was much quieter than such places are on a weekend evening, so we could mostly hear and be heard. And I managed to get home before dark, not much worse for the wear.

On my way out, two different young women (one outside in her car) complimented me on my t-shirt:


Who knew you could attract the attention of pretty young women by wearing an Atlas Shrugged t-shirt?

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BloggerBash … or TwitterFest … or ZombyBash … or something

Posted by Richard on April 4, 2016

Zombyboy (@zombyboy) has threatened to leave Colorado for Florida in the not-too-distant future. He doesn’t seem to understand that life’s a mountain, not a beach. Anyway, a few of us decided we should get together for a blogger/tweeter bash/fest before he leaves. Heck, it’s been forever since the last one (over three years, IIRC).

If you’re a Colorado blogger/tweeter or follow Colorado bloggers/tweeters, you’re welcome to join in the fun. Which will consist of food, beer, distilled spirits (either zombyboy or I, or both, will probably buy shots), humor, political snark and rants, gun talk, good reads, …

Where: Pint Room, 2620 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton (we’ll be in the back or on the patio)

When: Saturday, April 9, 3 PM

Yeah, we’re doing the afternoon thing, so plan for a very late lunch or early supper. What I call “lupper.” It’ll be much quieter than Saturday night, so we can carry on conversations without getting hoarse. Plus, some of us aren’t getting any younger.

If you’re coming, leave a comment or email me (address under my picture).

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I survived another Blogger Bash

Posted by Richard on November 10, 2012

Jeez, we’re getting old. It’s barely past 10:30 and I’m home already. The Blogger Bashes of old went five hours or more. All we could manage was three and a half. Of course, the Blogger Bashes of old had 12, 15, or more participants. Some of them female. Ah, the good old days…

There were only five of us (all male), but we managed to have a good time. Billll drove Jed and me, so there was no trudging through the snow and cold to the light rail station. That was nice.

Falling Rock has an awesome selection of beers on tap, and I tried a fair number of them. We postmortemed the election — mostly me ranting about all the things Republicans did wrong. We talked guns a lot — there was general agreement that CZ makes some really fine pistols, and some nice rifles too. And we talked sci-fi and other books we’d read. Quite enjoyable.

If you weren’t there, too bad you missed it. BTW, we probably talked about you. 🙂

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Time for the third Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash of 2012 …

Posted by Richard on November 8, 2012

[…Bumped to the top…]

… which I’ve cleverly dubbed RMBB 2012.3 (thus rejecting Jed’s attempts to give it a strange number like pi*2). Festivities commence at 7PM on Saturday, November 10, at the Falling Rock Tap House, 1919 Blake Street, Denver.

If you’re a blogger, a friend of a blogger, a blogging groupie, or just someone who enjoys adult beverages and clever conversations, be there. And drop a note in the comments to RSVP.

I might even be persuaded to buy shots.


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I survived another blogger bash

Posted by Richard on July 22, 2012

For the benefit of those who may care, I’ve arrived safely at home after tonight’s Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, and it’s not even 1 AM. There were about a dozen of us, and a grand time was had by all. AFAIK, no arrests, no illness, and no untoward incidents.

If you’re a blogger in the Rocky Mountain region and didn’t show up, we probably talked about you (we definitely talked about Stephen, Jeff G., Jerrilyn, Nick, and some others I don’t recall in my current inebriated state). You might want to show up next time to defend your honor (such as it is). 🙂

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Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash tonight

Posted by Richard on July 21, 2012

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash sqrt(e) is tonight at 7 PM.

Where: The Old Mill Brewery, 5798 South Rapp Street, Littleton, CO (nice place, good food, good beer, private room, convenient to light rail)

We’ve got the “birthday room.” It’s not too late to RSVP at this Zombyboy post. Or you could just show up. And maybe buy a round of shots?

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I survived another blogger bash

Posted by Richard on January 28, 2012

Home before midnight, safe and sound. And surprisingly sober. But it was fun, except for one thing. If you live in the Denver metro area, I have some advice for you: don’t go to Merle’s on a Saturday night around 6:30 or 7. Unless you enjoy standing around for an hour waiting for your table.

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Short notice: Blogger Bash next Saturday

Posted by Richard on January 24, 2012

Billll is feeling the need for another Blogger Bash. He’s quit bothering with the increasingly arcane numbering, so I’m christening it Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 2012.1. It will commence about 6:30 (at least, that’s when Billll promises to arrive) at Merle’s (unless he changes his mind again) in downtown Littleton. It’s only a few blocks from the Littleton/Downtown light rail station, for those of you (like me) looking for a risk-free (you know what I mean) transportation alternative.

Bloggers, friends or fans of bloggers, blogger wannabes, and blogger groupies are all invited. Clever conversations, witty repartee, unbridled silliness, and a good time are virtually guaranteed. Especially if Stephen Green shows up and buys shots. 🙂

Check the comments at Billll’s post for any late updates and add your own RSVP if you’re coming.

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I survived Blogger Bash 4.30.11 …

Posted by Richard on May 1, 2011

… and it was way too easy. Home well before midnight, which is atypical for blogger bashes.

I blame zombyboy for not being there to buy shots (or encourage others to buy shots). And Vodkapundit for not lending his considerable prestige (and ability to attract the ladies).

Nonetheless, we had a good time and lots of good conversation. Even though a bit too much of it revolved around Billll's nefarious deeds involving home-made weapons and squirrels. Like the last time, the food and beer at the Old Mill Brewery and Grill were excellent.

Despite an iffy weather forecast, I took light rail to and from the event (Old Mill is 3 blocks from the Littleton light rail station, and the Broadway station is 1/2 mile from my house).

It's getting cold in Denver tonight — in the 30s as I came home, with a forecast low of 24° F. (just shy of the record). So the walk was bracing. By the time I arrived back home, I was so damn sober I immediately opened a beer. Prost! And happy weekend, all!

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Time for another Blogger Bash

Posted by Richard on April 25, 2011

It's been a while, so Billll has scheduled a Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash for next Saturday, April 30, at the Old Mill Brewery & Grill in Littleton, CO. It's a great venue, with quite good beers and excellent food. We'll have the "birthday room," a private area at the back, to ourselves. Festivities commence about 7 PM.

If you're a blogger, a friend or fan of a blogger, a blogger wannabe, or a blogger groupie, you're invited. Clever conversations, witty repartee, unbridled silliness, and a good time are guaranteed. 

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, April 30

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I survived the day after Blogger Bash

Posted by Richard on August 30, 2008

RMBB5000Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 5000, the Donkeys Over Denver edition, was a smashing success. Congrats and thanks to Mr. Lady and Zombyboy for putting together a fantastic event. Thanks to,, and for their sponsorship (which means buying us drinks and food). And thanks to Trios Enoteca for treating us so well and being such a great venue.

It was almost 2 AM and most of the chairs were up on the tables when Off Colfax and I stumbled out of there and up the 16th Street Mall, he heading for the #15 bus and I for the light rail. The 2 AM train was standing room only!

So here's where the one big negative about RMBB 5000 reared its ugly head: to fit the DNCC schedule, it was on a Thursday. That meant going to work in the morning. Later the same morning, that is. 

It was about 3:30 when I hit the sack, wisely deciding against the usual 6 AM alarm. Even the 7 AM alarm required three or four swipes at the snooze button. Thanks to Life Extension Foundation's Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants, I was spared a hangover. (Have I mentioned what a great product that is, and what a fine organization LEF is?) But I'm just way too old to get by on less than four hours' sleep. 

So the workday kind of sucked. And when I got home this evening, a three-hour nap seemed like a great substitute for supper. 

(Oh, yeah — Obama gave a great speech. The substantive policy content totally sucked, but he sure did deliver it! And the many out-of-town lefty bloggers in attendance practically orgasmed right there on the back room floor.)

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Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 5000

Posted by Richard on August 27, 2008

RMBB5000I've got good news and bad news about Thursday night's Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, the Donkeys Over Denver edition. First, the bad news: It's too late to RSVP — and that means no two free drinks. Now the good news: Anyone and everyone is invited to attend, RSVP or not — you just have to buy your own drinks.

Hey, you were going to buy some anyway, now you just have to buy two more. More info, including how to get there, here.

Now, on a related note, please drop by Billll's Idle Mind and wish him a speedy recovery from his bad bicycle accident. Because he won't be able to attend the Blogger Bash.

Don't get any ideas, though. I've already called dibs on his free drinks. 

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Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, the DNC edition

Posted by Richard on August 7, 2008

Let's see — the last Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash was number 7.5. So that makes the next one … 5000? WTF?? Well, at least Zombyboy has admitted what we've all known for a while: "Our Numbering Scheme is Inexplicable. Sorry About That."

VodkaPundit thinks 5000 is the number of shots Zombyboy will have to buy us. I think that's way overoptimistic; I doubt he'll spring for more than a couple of hundred.

In any case, don't let crazy numbering stop you from attending RMBB 5000: The Donkeys Over Denver Edition. Don't let all the fuss over at Invesco Field that night stop you, either. This will be much more intellectually stimulating, better company, and more fun (easier to get in, too):

With the kind sponsorship of Lijit and with the hard work of Mr. Lady, the DNC edition of the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash can finally be announced. Thank God.

August 28, 2008
Trios Enoteca
1730 Wynkoop·Denver, CO 80202
7:30 PM to Close

Free Food and Free Beer & Wine
(In limited supplies and only if we like you.)

Be sure to RSVP — your chance at freebies depends on it. While you're at the site, check out the dozens of people — some of them quite interesting, I promise — who'll be there. 

(I would include a nice "Donkeys Over Denver" logo in this post, but Zombyboy has done some trickery with his code that prevents me from ripping off borrowing the graphic. Curses, foiled again.)

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Blogger bash reminder

Posted by Richard on June 6, 2008

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5If you're in the Denver area, don't forget that Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5 takes place Saturday night at The Corner Office (inside the Curtis Hotel at 14th and Curtis). Festivities begin at 6:30 PM. ResurrectionSong has more info, and you can check out the comments to get an idea of what kind of fascinating people will be attending.

But head on over to to RSVP (don't worry about all the biographical stuff unless you want to; just a name, email, and login is all you need). Because they're sponsoring the event and they're good people. How do I know that? Well, because zombyboy said so, and he hasn't lied to me yet. And because they're buying the drinks! 🙂

UPDATE: Hmm, I wonder if zombyboy gave the ViewMyLife folks a realistic impression of what to expect. Buying drinks for this crowd might require a serious infusion of venture capital. BTW, for you wimminfolk who like bloggers with national reputations, huge followings, and chiseled features, Stephen Green of Vodkapundit will be there. And he's leaving the missus at home.  

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Another blogger bash

Posted by Richard on May 28, 2008

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5It's been over two months since the last blogger bash. That's a good enough reason for another one, isn't it? Of course it is.

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5 will convene at 6:30 PM, Saturday, June 7th, at The Corner Office. That's inside the Curtis Hotel at 14th and Curtis, and judging from the website, it's a bit trendy and Flash-y (pun intended) for an old curmudgeon like me. But the menu looks OK and they've got Guinness on tap, so I'll be there. How about you?

If so, head on over to ResurrectionSong for more info, check out the comments, and RSVP — either drop a note in the comments or follow David's instructions for becoming a better person and sign up at If you do the latter, he promises email alerts for future blogger bashes (and you don't really have to give them the three pages of detailed biographical data they ask for — just don't forget your email address). 

If you do the former, ask somebody to explain the bash numbering scheme. I've given up trying to understand. 


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